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Pain Killer Drug Local Anaesthesia Phenacetin Crystalline Powder CAS 62-44-2

Place of Origin China
Brand Name LSW
Certification GMP,SGS,BV,ISO
Model Number 62-44-2
Min.Order Quantity 50gram
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Disguised package &Foil bag or according to customs need
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Pain Killer Drug Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Phenacetin Fenacetina CAS 62-44-2
Description of Phenacetin
Phenacetin is a synthetic, white crystalline solid that is slightly soluble in water and benzene, soluble in acetone and very soluble in pyrimidine. It is used in research as the preferred marker for detecting CYP1A2-based inhibition potential in vitro. Human ingestion of phenacetin can result in a bluish discoloration of the skin due to a lack of oxygen in the blood (cyanosis), dizziness and respiratory depression. It is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen. (NCI05)

Phenacetin Quick Details
Product name:Phenacetin,Fenacetina
English Synonyms: 1-acetamido-4-ethoxybenzene; para-Acetophenetidide; p-acetophenetidine;
p-acetophenetide; p-acetphenetidin; paracetophentidin; p-Ethoxyacetanilide; 4-ethoxyacetanilide;
Para-phenaceti; acet-p-phenalide; acet- p-phenetidin; aceto-para-phenalide; aceto-para-phenetidide; Acetophenetidine; acetophenetin; acetylphenetidin; coricidin; empirin compound;
N- (4-ethoxyphenyl) -acetamide; N-Acetyl-4-ethoxyaniline; N-acetyl-p -phenetidine; phenacet; phenacitin; phenazetin; Phorazetim; pyraphen
CAS: 62-44-2
Molecular Formula: C10H13NO2
Molecular Weight: 179.24
EINECS: 200-533-0
Density: 1.099 g/cm3
Melting Point: 133-136 C(lit. )
Boiling Point: 355.1 C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point: 168.5 C
Solubility: 0.076 g/100 mL in water
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Packing: Foil bag or as required
Uses: Antipyretic analgesics for the treatment of fever, headache, neuralgia.
Fuction of Phenacetin
1)Used for organic synthesis of raw materials and drug intermediates from acetaminophen ether.
2)Antipyretic analgesics for the treatment of fever, headache, neuralgia.
3)Active pharmaceutical ingredient for Scientific Research.
Analgesic mixtures containing phenacetin were previously marketed as tablets or capsules containing between 150 and 300 mg phenacetin. Common combinations were: 150 mg phenacetin, 230 mg aspirin, and 15 or 30 mg caffeine; or 150 mg phenacetin, 230 mg aspirin, 30 mg caffeine, and 8, 15, 30, or 60 mg codeine phosphate. Phenacetin alone was also available in 250 and 300 mg doses as tablets, and up to 500 mg doses as powder. The usual dose was 300 mg 4-6 times per day, and the daily dose was not to exceed 2 g.
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